The Sussex Superfood Salad

January for most is when we beat ourselves up! If you have over indulged during the festive season – The Sussex has you covered. Just because you’re giving up calories, you don’t have to sacrifice taste as well.Our Sussex Superfood Salad is rich in taste but still nutritious and delicious.

It’s not rocket salad guys…The Sussex Superfood Salad is the perfect lunchtime choice. You won’t VINAGRETTE your decision.

Superfood Salad
This delicious salad is full of all the gems needed to keep you in tip top health. There is beetroot, broccoli, sweet potato, happy pear bean mix, pomegranate, feta cheese and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.So lettuce turnip the beet on your work week with our salad’s fresh flavours.

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