The Sussex “Deliveroo” On Taste Every Time

There is nothing worse than having a craving for one of our tasty dishes and leaving the house or office is out of the question. Fear no more because The Sussex has now joined Deliveroo, a high quality food delivery service. Now you no longer have to make that dreaded venture out in to the cold for one of our delicious choices. We couldn’t have made it easier for you to enjoy our superb cuisine!

Deliveroo are a fast and friendly delivery service providing the finest meal options that you usually have to leave the house to get, so of course we joined without question.
Delivery is available every day from noon to 5pm and you can schedule orders up to one day in advance and choose any delivery time from midday onwards at a time to suit best. They also deliver to workplaces so why not treat yourself and maybe your co-workers to a delicious lunch from The Sussex to keep you going throughout the work day.Food Collage

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