Feeling Crafty

Have you treated yourself to one of our special craft beers yet? Choose from our sensational selection, all brewed at home in Ireland. Our diverse array of craft beers carries familiar favourites such as 8 Degrees, White Hag, and St.Mels.

White Hag8 Degree’s Sunburnt Irish Red is one appetising ale known for the sweet caramel taste, counterbalanced by the hops, adding a sweet and modern twist on the traditional beer.

The White Hag’s Oatmeal Chocolate Milk Stout is smooth and full bodied with a soft taste of toasted vanilla, chocolate and coffee. This craft beer pairs perfectly with any of our desserts.
Dan Kelly CiderWe are such fans of these tasty drinks ourselves that we have included one within a dish. Our Slow Roast Pork Belly combined with Dan Kelly craft cider is the perfect pairing. This blend gives a robust kick of flavour to the delicious dish which explains why it is a customer favourite in The Sussex.

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