At The Sussex we have a passion for making a great cocktail and there is always a reason to have a delicious cocktail in your hand. Let us take you back to the 50’s with our take on Don Draper’s favourite alcoholic beverage. We give you – The Draper Old Fashioned.

The Draper Old FashionedThe Draper Old Fashioned (2)


 1 white sugar cube
2 drops bitters
1/4 shot maraschino liquor
2 shots of either Makers mark bourbon/ Jameson / J.Walker red/ or Havana rum
1 Drop of fresh orange juice
1 Drop of cherry syrup
1 Strip of orange zest

Soak sugar cube in bitters inside a glass mixing beaker.
Add the maraschino liquor and long strip of orange zest with no white pith attached and muddle.
Fill beaker with ice.
Use an orange wedge to rim the rocks glass and squeeze a couple of drops into beaker with a drop of cherry syrup.
Add 2 shots of chosen spirit (traditionally bourbon) and stir for 10-15 seconds in each direction
Make sure most of sugar has diluted before straining.
Strain into ice filled orange rimmed rocks glass

Garnish: Orange zest wrapped around infused cherry and spiked

If tequila is more your taste, why not try our Passion Fruit Margarita. This spin on the classic margarita is the perfect cocktail to add to any party, big or small.

Passion Fruit MargaritaPassion Fruit Margarita


50 ml El Jimador
17.5 ml (½ shot) Cointreau
20ml Lime juice
1 heaped teaspoon Agave nectar
10 ml of fresh orange juice
Flesh of 1 passion fruit

Rim half of the edge of a non-chilled coupe glass with salt, (clear inside of glass from salt afterwards).
Add all ingredients to Boston Shaker Tin filled with ice.
Shake vigorously to achieve desired dilution.
Strain into rimmed coupe glass.

Garnish: Sugar rimmed glass. For “straight up’ float half a passion fruit in centre. For blended scoop the flesh into centre with wedge of skin.

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