With party season right around the corner, this is the perfect time to dust off those mixologist shoes and put those cocktails making skills to the test.
Here are two Christmas cocktail recipes that will impress your party guests this jolly season.


• 1 shot Cherry Herring liqueur
• 1 shot Malibu rum
• 1/2 shot lime juice
• 2 shots of cranberry juice
• 2 drops Fee Brothers chocolate bitters

Prepare glasses beforehand by spooning on chocolate sauce to the outside rim of the glass and allowing to dribble down slightly. Dust with coconut and put in the freezer for 5 mins.

Add juice, spirits and bitters to an ice filled shaker and shake hard for 15 seconds to ensure proper dilution and frothing. Strain into chocolate rimmed glasses and add a cherry on top.
This Drink also works well with if you reduce the cranberry by half and add a shot of Bourbon in its place for an extra kick.

(For garnish: dried coconut, cherry, chocolate sauce.

For a quick and easy sauce, add hot chocolate powder to hot water in a 7:3 ratio and cool to slightly below room temp).

ALAlmond and Blackberry fizzMOND AND BLACKBERRY FIZZ:

• 1 fresh blackberry
• 1/2 shot Disaronno amaretto
• A couple of drops of lemon juice
• Prosecco or Champagne

Press the blackberry and lemon juice in the bottom of a flute glass, add the amaretto and top up with sparkling wine, stirring gently to allow some fruit to float to surface.

The biscuit, marzipan flavour of this drink works particularly well with nice champagne.

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