12 Cocktails of Christmas #2

#2 Cocktail of Christmas

This cocktail is going  in to our favourites pile. Slide back into the 1950’s with our classy that on the Old Fashioned.


The Draper Old FashionedThe Draper Old Fashioned (2)

1 white sugar cube
2 drops bitters
1/4 shot marichino liquor
2 shots of either Makers mark bourbon/ Jameson / J.Walker red/ or Havana rum
1 Drop of fresh orange huice
1 Drop of cherry syrup
1 Strip of orange zest

Soak sugar cube in bitters inside a glass mixing beaker.
Add the marichino liquor and long strip of orange zest with no white pith attached and muddle.
Fill beaker with ice.
Use an orange wedge to rim the rocks glass and squeeze a couple of drops into beaker with a drop of cherry syrup.
Add 2 shots of chosen spirit (traditionally bourbon) and stir for 10-15 seconds in each direction
Make sure most of sugar has diluted before straining.
Strain into ice filled orange rimmed rocks glass

Garnish: orange zest wrapped around infused cherry and spiked

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